Monday, 21 July 2008


Yesterday shopping the whole day, damn tired.. Spent around 500, so expensive.. Haihz.. At first we have our lunch at Garden.. A Taiwan Restaurant, Fong Lye.. Food not bad, quite delicious.. Don't know whether the food really cook by a Taiwan's chef or local chef, but I have tried the taste of Beef Noodles and Taiwan's ABC.. A bit different from the instant noodle..

Haha, finally I've my last Birthday present from my dear, a Braun Buffel Wallet.. So so happy oh.. Stand at the counter more than half an hour, just to choose which design to buy, and finally I have chose the small wallet, coz it's easy to bring in and out.. Love it so much!!

Haihz.. Thought to back home after Shopping at Jusco, but the end we saw the JCard Shopping Day at MVEC.. OMG, spent money again.. We saw many Bedsheet and cover set, with 50% and 70%, can't control myself to buy, so the end, I have bought a pillow and 1 quilt set.. Coz that day only change my single bed to queen size bed, so now looking for extra bedsheet.. Now I can only buy the mattress, but in these few months, for sure I can buy the bedspread.. Haha!!

Last time I will think that Famous Amos was expensive, but now, I think it's reasonable in pricing, cos it's so delicious.. Last time I will buy it only when I got extra money, but now I can buy it when I want to eat.. Haha!! And so, I have bought it.. My favorite!!

At night, me and my dear have a movie at MBO.. Thought to watch "The Dark Knight", but my dear don't want.. So we watch another movie.. It's so unbelievable, we watched a Indo Movie "Kuntilanak 3".. The poster showed very horrible, but, it's just a normal ghost movie, somemore not logic.. I missed some horrible scene, cos busy to read the subtitle.. The language is almost same with Malay, but it's a bit different, quite hard to listen.. So the whole movie, I have to read the Malay subtitle.. Hmm.. I think I won't watch any Malay ghost movie after this..

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