Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Imigration Office

Yesterday was Public Holiday for Selangor Area, so accompany Phin Phin to apply passport.. Normally, the passport will be ready within 2 hours once the payment has been done, but Phin Phin is different case, born in Sabah, so have to get the approval from Sabah then only can apply for the International Passport.. It takes around 5 - 7 days..

At first, we thought can apply at Wangsa Maju Imigration Office, but this branch only for resident in West Malaysia.. So we transfer to Damansara branch.. Reach around 10am, current number 1166, and we have took the queue till 1290.. 100++ to go.. Wait around 2 hours only for our turn to submit the form.. After that, wait another half an hour for the letter from imigration office.. And now, just wait the officer to call Phin Phin for the payment and collection of passport..

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