Monday, 16 August 2010

Food Tasting @ Federal Hotel

August 13th, 2010 (Friday).. A day for us to eat for FREE, actually it's my complementary Food Tasting at Federal Hotel.. Our coordinator Charmayne, has reserved a meeting room for our food tasting..

When we reached Federal Hotel, we saw our name written on the info board, although is just a normal food tasting, but they do it well and guide us to the venue at Level 2, Penang Suites..

Info Board

The menu card designed just like the actual wedding dinner, written our name and the lovely wedding couple icon.. But the most I like which they do provide the menu is both Chinese and English, so my mum can easily read through the menu..

Menu Card

Penang Suite @ Level 2, Federal Hotel
(My family members, total 10 adults and 2 children)

As normal, the first dish served will be the four combination.. The supervisor do gave us a comments board, which let us to write down all the comments of all the dishes, myself and my family tried each dish carefully and taste it like an expert.. How professional we are!! :)

Four Happiness Combination with Lobster

Shark's Fin Soup with Fresh, Dried Scallop & Crabmeat

Roasted Chicken with Sweet Vinegar

Steamed Red Garoupa with Orange Skin & Ginger

Fried Fresh Water Prawns with Thick Soya Sauce

Braisedd Snow Abalone, Black Mushroom with Broccoli

Lotus Leaf Rice

Doubles Boiled Lotus Seeds & Lily Flowers

Sweet Fancy Dumplings
(Mix with Hot & Cold)

Phew!! After all-and-all, and finally we have tried all the dishes, overall was okay.. Just my mum a bit picky of the taste, but we all felt that it's yummy and delicious.. Hope all the dishes will be the same during the actual dinner..

Days remaining: 47


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The desserts looks cute! :)

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