Monday, 27 June 2011

Ipoh Fun Trip (4) - Food and Attractions

Finally, posted the last part for our Ipoh trip.

The next day, we have planned few places to go, nice food and attractions. In the morning, we went to the famous dim sum in Ipoh, which is Restaurant Fok San “富山茶楼”, to try their Dim Sum, food is nice, but the system is so lousy, they should give number to customers, and arrange to be seated accordingly. What I saw and myself experienced was, we have to wait beside the others people table, make myself felt so "paiseh" and the others also feeling uncomfortable when eating.

After Dim Sum, we then move to try the soft and smooth "Tao Fu Fah", highly recommended from few blogs, when we were there, already a long queue waiting for it. No doubt is really good, but the portion is so small, RM0.90 for only three scoops, seems like not enough and feeling like stuck in the middle. :(

Then we went to Kek Lok Tong, Ipoh “极乐洞”, is a temple cave, nothing special, but we do relax ourselves when we are inside the cave with the cool breeze. Nice~

Might be going to Ipoh again in July, will try to search for more Ipoh local foods. Yippie!~

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