Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Resign or Stay?

Recently felt so unhappy.. My place not belong to me anymore, I've been moved to another seat, got no computer and printer.. Actually there is a computer, but for me consider "nope".. Know what?? That computer is Pentium 1.. Shit.. Somemore it cannot read USB.. So, what can I do with that idiot computer? Without computer, it's fine, I can bring mine to office, but without printer make me feel crazy, besides roadshow, what I have to do in office is paperwork, and all that have to print it out.. No printer, so what I do is just save all the files print it after work.. All the others are busy with their thing, borrow their computer is very hard.. Once I start use it will be taking a long period.. I really don't know what to do.. Hmm.. Not only this make me feel wanna resign..

Company has just recruit a new staff, position same as me, "Account Executive", fresh graduate as well, but his salary are higher than me, RM400 more than my salary, what make him get such high pay? Because he graduate oversea? Speak English fluently? All that can prove that he can do more thing than me and get high pay? Really don't understand.. This company will simply give salary, till today only I know.. One 3D Designer wanna resign, my big boss increase RM400 to him, and he just increase RM200 last month.. Wau.. What the F***!! 2 month increase RM600.. Company Problem!!

Last few week celebrate Sharron's Birthday, we all talking about the resignation, how long have to stay in the company before leave.. That time I'm laughing at Sharron's old company, under probation is one month notice, after confirmation is two month notice.. Actually two months consider very long, but my company really got problem, when staff wanna resign, THREE MONTHS NOTICE.. Oh shit!! Damn long.. So now thinking to leave before confirmation.. That's better, cos once confirmed, I have to wait three months only can run..

Before I went for interview, my big boss told me that AFTER 2 WEEKS they will shift company to Puchong and no more in Ampang, but now already 2 MONTHS.. One funny thing is, my supervisor has wait for almost one year, my big boss also told him that before he go for interview, and now he already work for one year plus.. Our company still in Ampang.. The news that I received was, company will move next year.. F***!!! Cheating people..

Last time I want to resign, but the reason I stay because they give me an extra allowance for roadshow, but now that allowance is not that important for me anymore.. Nothing important than working happy in a company.. And what I can say is "I'm not Happy".. I think I can get a higher salary than this company offer to me.. Haihz.. But it need time to search job that can offer high pay.. ARRRR.. What should I do now???

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