Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Penang Trip

Last 3 days have a small trip at Penang with bf and his colleague, Edward.. Haha!! My main purpose is to buy pirated DVD.. Hohoho.. And finally I have bought around RM100 DVD, 4 Dramas, 10 Movies, 1 CD.. All together 27 discs.. Buy 10 Free 1.. Haha!! So cheap!! I love Batu Ferringi..

A Long Pte Ltd
American Pie - Beta House
The Detective
My Wife is a Gambling Maestro
Fatal Move
Rambo 4
The Forbidden Kingdom
Three Kingdoms
Sweeney Todd

我和僵尸有个约会 1 & 2


Another place that we went was Snake Temple.. My mum told me there are less snake compare to last time, but I think is ok, coz quite many the snakesin the snake farm.. So excited, coz I saw the Cobra, and the person-in-charge show us how the cobra spit its poison.. Damn shock!! All the poison has stick on the glass.. The cobra seems like so active and aggressive.. Hoho!!


Haha.. We also went to the biggest Jusco in Malaysia, Queensbay Mall.. From outside to inside, it's look huge., but it just a normal shopping mall.. The view outside Queensbay Mall is really nice, can see the Penang Bridge as well.. So nice..

Nice View

Me and Phin outside the Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall

Dinner time, first day we went to Gurney Drive to have our dinner.. What the F***!! That dinner cost me alot.. Coz I got saman from Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang.. But is my fault also, I simply park my car beside the road.. Shit!! Hmmm.. Then for the second dinner, I went to a place that introduced by Ah Xian.. Teluk Kumbar Seafood.. So cheap the food.. Thought will cost around RM100, but just cost us RM 65.. Hohoho.. Next time can have dinner there again.. Sea view de Seafood Restaurant.. Delicious!! Yum Yum!!

Restaurant Seaview

The last day, we went to Ipoh to have our lunch, the famous "Taugeh Chicken".. Hoho!! Delicious.. And Finally, my trip end on Monday, Wesak Day.. What's a tiring day!!

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