Saturday, 20 March 2010

My 2nd Week Result

Hmmm.. I really not satisfied with my 2nd week weight review, being so hardworking and only manage to lose 0.8kg.. So far away from what I want.. For my age and height, my ideal weight should be in between 44kg - 46kg.. But of course, if I can lose more weight, then I will be more happy..

This week really not enough sleep and stress from my work.. And yesterday when I comb my hair, I saw "white hair".. OMG, is it a sign of getting older or is it because of stress? 8 more days to go for the event actual day and I wish our client not to torture us anymore in these few days, we are getting crazy and it's so damn suffering..

God bless me and my colleagues..


PeckWm said...

In the process of diet? Erm.. take more vegetable and fruits ^^

Jobless Girl said...

Sound like terrible working life for you..

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