Saturday, 3 October 2009

20 Million Mansion

Last two week went to my brother's client house, at The Avare Kuala Lumpur.. The house is extremely huge, a pent house at 40th and 41st floor with 7,800sqft, each floor 3,600sqft.. And I'm going to be lost here, is really like a maze, room to room, room to living room, living to kitchen.. And the owner of the house was an American and is one of the architect for this building..

In this mansion, all the rooms and toilets can enjoy the full view of KLCC and KL Tower.. How's good if can take shower with the KLCC view.. Some more the toilet bowl was facing outside too, but then it's really embarrassing when going for "HmmHmm" and "ShiShi".. And the best was the jacuzzi, relaxing with the KL view.. Is really enjoyable..

At the second floor, there is a swimming pool and a small kitchen to serve wine and cook some small dish, a bar table with a LCD TV and full set of home theater.. And this floor is really look like a bar.. All the tables and chairs placed just look like the bar decoration..

The second kitchen is downstairs, where is double of the kitchen upstairs, white is the concept of this kitchen and the big working table.. If I can have such a big kitchen, sure I'll cook for everyday, but feel so headache when gonna to do the cleaning stuffs.. Hmmm..

Know what, in this house, there is a dry sauna room, where this owner loves to take sauna.. So every of his house has a sauna room, even his house in San Francisco has one too.. This is so call as "Life"..

The living room also one of the best part of this room, comfortable sofa with the KLCC view as well.. Me and Phin was taken photo here to pretend we are the owner of this house.. Haha.. What's a silly action.. But I like it!! And so, I like the wall decoration as well, the frame and the special artwork, so artistic..

At first I'm feeling tired and don't wanna go out, but It's really a nice visit, worth to spend time for this mansion.. Love this house so much.. Unforgettable day at 22/09/2009..


uLi.佑莉 said...

Hou geng ar!!!!!!~~~~ Hak sei yan la.... >.<

dut said...

wakakaka. when u wanna buy this house ooh?

Michelle Y said...

Of course when you have this kitchen, you will employ maids to clean it up for your! =)

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