Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 1

A trip with 3 lovely couples, me and Phin Phin, Vincent and Tammy, Lok Fun and Wei Sien.. 4 in the morning, we have well prepared and wait for the taxi to pick us to airport.. Is so sleepy, so once on board, sleep in just a minute of time.. Every one hour wake up once, it's so tiny of space, make me so uncomfortable.. Seems the H1N1 virus not that serious, cause there are not many people wearing mask in the airport..

After 4 hours, finally arrived at HKIA.. After the custom, wait for the local tour guide to fetch us to hotel.. Haihz.. Know what! The hotel room at Bridal Tea Hotel (Yau Ma Tei, 油麻地) is so small, unbelievable, before this, I have searched internet for the room pictures, it's look big, but the real one is so small.. With 2 single beds, 1 bathroom, but the shower doesn't work, so request to change the room..

After placing the luggage in room, we have our lunch nearby the hotel, the famous "Cha Siu" and "Roast Duck" Rice.. but not delicious, maybe this is not the best in town.. HKD23 per plate, and add another HKD6 for drink, but I didn't order for the drink.. Seems like a bit expensive.. And so we have tried the "双皮奶" nearby the Nathan Road.. This is totally different from what we tried in KL, this is so delicious, and this for HKD20..

After lunch, we go back hotel to have a power nap.. 5 o'clock, Settle everything and prepare to go out, the most important thing in Hong Kong, is to have a Octopus Card, 八达通, the way we go to the MTR Station is so convenience, just nearby our hotel, 2 minutes walking to reach the station.. The deposit and the credit for one card is HKD150.. HKD50 deposit are refundable for returning the card and HKD7 needed for the procedure fees..

The first station to go is Mong Kok, 旺角, to walk around the 女人街 and 波鞋街.. This street is similar with our "Petaling Street", don't even know why I won't get cheated in KL but in Hong Kong.. Bought 3 local T-shirt with HKD100, what make me "beh tahan" was, the next next stall is selling 5 pieces HKD100.. Arrrr... I'm the "waterfish", but I didn't regret, the quality of the shirt is not as good as I bought.. Haha..

Is time to have our dinner, but we really don't know what to eat, so we passed by the restaurant, and saw this restaurant full of customers, so we decide to have our dinner here.. A shop for "面线", not bad.. I've order a "午餐肉面线", "炸猪扒", "新疆香草炸鸡翼", "蒙古猪脚"..

It's dessert time, and this shop is recommended by Lok Fun's Colleague, this shop is mainly for dessert, Mango.. Named "许留山".. Almost everywhere can find this shop.. The most recommended from this dessert shop is "芒果粒粒爽", "多芒亮晶晶", "芒果神冰", and "芒之恋".. Highly recommend to try it when in HK..

One of the most suprise thing was the Blue Magazine in Hong Kong, behind our hotel, there are 5 shops selling this kind of magazine and comic, so curious and we have bought one from the shop, where this is only the comic, Phin Phin has bought another with the real people.. How dare are we!! Haha.. (for those who want to have a look, please call me!!)

To be continued.... (Hong Kong Trip - Day 2)


dut said...

wah. go hk buy blue mag. lolz

HuiPeng said...

Dut, u wanna see? I can borrow to you oh!! hehe

uLi.佑莉 said...

I want to have a look on that magazine :p Bring out to mamak dong this Friday pls...^^

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