Sunday, 24 January 2010

Celebrity Fitness

Yeah~ I've joined Celebrity Fitness as their club member at Lot 10, so excited.. Is one of the thing that I want the most in year 2010.. I want to slim down my body, just want to look like past 4 years, want to look nice.. Hope gym really work and do help me..

In order to have the best result in short period, I have asked Vincent to joined me for Gym, he's ex-fitness first personal trainer.. So he know well of all the fitness machine and he will guide me on how to do it correctly and force me for doing exercise..

I went gym for 7 times so far, and each time there is slightly improve, which I think is improve.. At least I wont stop working out in 3 minutes, and slowly trained myself to do more for every gym section.. From 5 minutes to 15 minutes, now going for 30 minutes and soon for 45 minutes.. And I wished to join those classes provided, but seems the timetable not suit my time, will try to do some adjustment for my timetable, so I'm able to join..

Upon signing up, they do free me Gym Bag, 2 sections of personal training and 1 Dr. Sebagh Facial Voucher worth RM219.. And now there is 6 vouchers with me, but no one want this voucher.. So I just keep it.. (If anyone want this vouchers, do ask me for it!! Voucher Expired Date: 31/1/2010)

p/s: Is it possible to lose 10kg in 6 months? Hopefully YES!!

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