Sunday, 24 January 2010

Say NO to Plastic Bag

Now there are lots of shops started not to provide any plastic bag for shoppers.. If we really need a plastic bag, we can buy it for 20 cents each.. Me and Phin Phin always support not to use plastic bag, as we do have a lot of recycle bag and do safe our earth.. In others countries, they already start work on this, just wonder why our country until now only started..

Yesterday me and Phin Phin went to MaxValu, and Jusco do have a "No Plastic Bag Day" on every Saturday.. Where we saw all the shoppers just carry their things without plastic bag.. I think they will slowly changed and not to provide plastic bag anymore in future.. But suddenly changed, sure lots of people will not use to it.. And now I think I need to bring along my recycle bag when going out..

Haha~~ Phin Phin is carrying his watermelon without plastic bag..

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