Thursday, 21 October 2010

My New Hometown ~~ Keningau, Sabah~~

Oh Yeah!! Last week, Phin Phin, me and my parent went to Keningau, Sabah.. It's Phin Phin's hometown, as well as mine.. Our hometown located at Jalan Magatang, Taman Bersatu, Keningau.. 2 hours car journey from Kota Kinabalu.. It's a great place to stay, relax and quiet.. Compare to KL busy lifestyle, myself will prefer here!! I love the environment as well :)

Phin Phin's house is really big, land is wide, 2 houses stand of 6,400sqft.. It's really big enough to build a bungalow in KL, but his dad used the extra space to place their working excavator and compactor.. And the backyard for planting vegetable and fruits..

First house (After Renovation)

Second House (Original Structure)

Gate of the House

Pathway from the Gate


Previously, I'm not willing to go back to Keningau, as the car journey make me feel dizzy, but from now on, I love here so much.. Can't wait to go back during CNY.. Miss ya!!

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