Friday, 22 October 2010

Post-Wedding Dinner @ Keningau, Sabah

Yum Yum.. Dinner at Keningau, Sabah!!

As we are going back to hometown, Phin Phin's sister-in-law has reserved 2 tables at Hotel Juta, for our post-wedding dinner with family and relatives at Sabah.. Although not much of us, but we can felt the loves and cares, it's warm, myself and Phin Phin appreciated so much for it..

Hotel Juta was the tallest building in this small town area, with 12 floors height.. Although not grand compare to city, but their food are really delicious!! Yummy Yummy!! So so unbelievable, this set dinner cost only RM568 per table (include Service and Government Tax).. Worth!!

Hotel Juta


Season Combination
(Abalone, Mushroom, Baby Octopus, Shark fins and Meat Ball)

Fish Maw Soup

Steamed Chicken

Fried Garuopa with Sweet and Sour

Fresh Water Prawn with 2 Combination
(Salad Prawn and Cheesy Butter Prawn)

Braised Fish Maw with Sea Cucumber, Mushroom, Yuba and Broccoli

Scallop Fried Rice

Red Bean

(Fried Butter Roll and Lotus Bread)

The Elderly and My Parent

Phin Phin and his lovely Daddy


So sweet and lovely in this dinner, felt that all of us are happy, especially Phin Phin's Daddy.. Haha!!

P/S: Papa, we will work-harder for your wishes!! :D

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dut said...

what his lovely daddy. hahah should called your father in law. hahaha

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