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CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas - Day 2

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Day 2 - We are back!! Yes, back to MALAYSIA.. After 13 hours sailing, Legend of the Seas arrives in Port Klang, sending us back to the place we familiar with.

We woke up at around 11am, and slowly have our brunch (Breakfast + Lunch) at the Windjammer Restaurant, located at Deck 9. Then we walked around the portside and played ping pong, felt so fresh after get myself sweat. Afterwards, we joined in the Baggo Tournament at the poolside area. The winner of the game will be awarded a medal from LOS, but too bad, we lose the game.

The Baggo Tournament

After the game, I spent my time in surfing internet at the Royal Caribbean Online located at Deck 8. Since we are in Malaysia, I can access internet using my broadband. LOS do provides internet service to all guests, but the charges is extremely high, if not mistaken, $30 per hour. Huh!! EXPENSIVE~

Royal Caribbean Online @ Deck 8

At around 5 o'clock, LOS is preparing to leave Port Klang, it's also the time for us to stop surfing. Then we back to cabin and get ourselves ready to the pool, thought to learn swimming, but know what, I saw a China lady, with very good swimming skill, from her swim suit and everything, she's just like a swim athlete, and look like a national team representative. Oh my god!! I'm stunned and not dare to learn anymore, felt so embarrassed to show my kindergarten swimming skill. Anyway, happy to see her, and really no doubt, there are many talented person from China.

Me @ Indoor Swimming Pool, Deck 9


Me @ Poolside

Me and Phin Phin @ Poolside

Then, it's time for our dinner, and today is the Formal Day, it's "Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception" at Deck 4 & 5, for all the guests to meet Captain Ryan. That night, everyone is recommended to be in formal for dinner and most of them includes us are well dressed up. Wearing my long dress and high heels up and down, felt so happy, as I'm very seldom wear dress. Myself look pretty and Phin Phin looks handsome. Just too bad the food not delicious at all, so salty, especially the lobster bisque.

Handsome Phin Phin

Pretty Ah Peng Peng

Captain Ryan

Formal Dinner @ Romeo & Juliet Restaurant

After that, it's the show time, today's show presents "The Matinee Idols". It's formed by 3 men, with only singing, so I felt kinda boring of it.

The Matinee Idols

After that, it's Phin Phin showtime, to visit the casino. Both of us play $10, and both of us really had no luck, lose all $20. But this $20 can continued play for 2 hours, so it's worth. Those old people said "风吹鸡蛋壳,财散人安乐", and it's time to go back. On the way back to cabin, we have took some pictures, really boring. Hehe~

Staircase Model

Pre-wedding Photo

To be continued... CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas - Day 3

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