Sunday, 22 December 2013

Weekend Break @ Gold Coast Morib Sepang

Last Sunday, we have a short break at Gold Coast Morib Resort Sepang with Phin Phin's friends and family. It's the voucher bought from Living Social, cost RM168 for 2D1N stay at Studio Suite, including water park ticket, breakfast and dinner buffet for 2 pax.

While on the way to the resort, we passed by Tanjung Sepat, a small fishing town, and here we have our lunch. It's so cheap for a bowl of PanMee, it cost only RM3.20.

After lunch, we straight away heading to our destination, is about 10 minutes drive from Tanjung Sepat town. There are so many people, it is simply because of weekend and school holiday. After checked-in, we get ourselves ready for the water park. 

I like the room so much because it is spacious, just nice for my little one to walk here and there. And every suite has it own balcony, from our balcony we can see the beach and sea view. The room also comes with a jacuzzi bath tub, but too bad, it's not functioning.

I'm worried Moon Moon will scared of water, but luckily she enjoyed herself so much, maybe the water level just suit her height, and she feel safe and comfortable when she is able to step on the pool floor. Here's some photos taken in water park.

After having fun at water park, is time for my Moon Moon to have a nap before dinner. She was so tired, she slept for 2 hours till we woke her up, otherwise she will continue to sleep.

Then we moved to the restaurant for our dinner buffet. Choices not much, but it's enough to fill up my stomach. After dinner, we walked around the resort compound. Since there is nothing to play in the resort, we then drive to the nearest place, also nothing for us to play, just walk awhile then go back to resort. What a boring weekend night.

The next day morning, we woke up at 9.30am, we then quickly go to the restaurant to have our breakfast, as the breakfast session closed at 10am. After a light breakfast, we went to the beach for a walk instead of water park, worried Moon Moon will get cold if she plays in the morning. 

Moon Moon was the first time to get in touch with sand, and luckily she didn't put the sand into her mouth. She is curious about the sand, so I gave her barefoot walking on the beach. Then we sit under the shade, she started to touch the sand by hands. It's relaxing when wind blowing.

It's time to check out, after that we went to Tanjung Sepat again for our lunch, the restaurant nearby Lovers' Bridge, we ordered 4 dishes, it cost only RM60, so cheap.

While on the way back, for sure will not missed this, dragon fruit. Along the roadside, can see there are few stalls selling dragon fruits. No doubt, the dragon fruits are sweet and yummy.

Short and relaxing trip for me and Phin Phin, love it~

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