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CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas - Day 5

Day 5 - At Sea

It's the last day on cruise. A long journey back to Singapore, whole day sailing from Phuket to Singapore, and we are at the sea. We have limited time on board, so we have to get more faster to explore more things during this day. Of course the activity and food.

Today we woke up late in the morning, and today we can have our lunch on board. The same restaurant to have our lunch, at the Romeo and Juliet Restaurant. Since we are not hungry, we ordered only one set of lunch.

Lunch @ Romeo & Juliet Restaurant

After our lunch, we get back to our cabin to do the "Guests Satisfaction Survey" and put the tipping voucher in the selected envelope. Tipping fees has been counted in when we purchased this package, it's just a extra job for us to pass the envelope to the the particular person. No doubt, the waiter and the housekeeping really done well thru out these few days. Thanks to Francis and KeXin (Waiter), Mariam (Housekeeping). Thumb up!!

Guests Satisfaction Survery Form + Tipping Envelope

Since tomorrow we are leaving the cruise, we have to settle all the outstanding payment where we spent these few days. Of course, we don't have any outstanding, as we didn't spend extra money in the cruise, which I think is expensive. It's cheaper in USD, but when it came back to Malaysia currency, it's so expensive.

One thing that Royal Caribbean did more well than Star Cruise which is the passport distribution. LOS tried to distribute the passport one day earlier rather than give it during leaving the ship. Just few second, we can get back our passport, without queuing.

Deck 3 Passport Distribution

After claimed back our passport, we joined in the line dancing, with all the uncles and aunties. It's fun to learn some line dancing, and now only knew that I'm uncoordinated with my hand and feet. Always dance the wrong steps, and being so sad that even uncles and aunties dance more better than me. How this can be? Sigh~

Line Dancing

Well, it's quite boring when we spent the whole day in the ship, really nothing to do, the best for that moment is to take a fresh breathe at the upper deck. Wind blowing with the nice weather. Wow! Relaxing~ And I brought my lil cuties up to the deck as well.

Enemy - Star Cruise Baby @ Legend of the Seas

Phin Phin hold it tightly, just worried he drop into the water

We hangout the whole afternoon in our cabin, watching Reel Steal and One Piece. Phin Phin was so happy with the TV channels, there are more than 10 channels. And tomorrow we will be leaving at 7 o'clock in the morning, and we have to pack our luggage and place it outside of our cabin for tomorrow check out. Luckily we bring a recycle bag, can put in one set of clothes for tomorrow.

Around 6 o'clock, we get ready to the Farewell Production Showtime. Today presents the "Invitation of Dance", starring the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers. After the show ends, the captain and department supervisors came out to give acknowledgement. They really did very well to serve all the guests. Good job~

Invitation to Dance

The Captain of Legend of the Seas

It's the last day, just to try our luck, before our dinner, we went to casino, we brought a lottery. If we manage to get all the 5 match of numbers, 400 hundred thousand USD is ours. But we don't have such luck, 400 hundred thousand has gone. The money is waiting for the lucky one.

Paradise Lotto

It's our last dinner on board, so we have to enjoy our dinner. We have ordered 3 appetizers, 1 fruit, 1 bread, 2 main courses and 3 desserts for our dinner. And here is it~

Last Dinner @ Romeo & Juliet Restaurant

Not willing to go, but we had to go.

To be continued... CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas + USS - Day 6

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