Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sweetree Restaurant, Ampang

Last Saturday I have my dinner at Sweetree Restaurant, it's just 5 minutes driving distance from my house, if not mistaken they already doing their business for 2 years, but I never try before. 

My sister's bf passed by the restaurant so many times and want to have a try, until now only has the chance. It's a Korean Restaurant with nice and special decoration. I believed that the boss has put many efforts for the concept and idea. Besides Korean food, they do served local food and western food, the taste not bad ya.

There are two floors, downstairs are the kitchen, bar and cashier. Upstairs are more relaxing, and much more things to explore. 

I love their menu, although it's a bit complicated, but it looks nice, handwriting and cute drawing of food. The drawing is to show what ingredients contain in the dish. I love the idea so much.

They have a special corner at the upper floor, selling thing from Korea, socks that printed with popular Korea singers (BigBang, T-ara and etc...), scarfs and some little stuffs. They have a corner for customers to leave comments as well.

Besides nice decoration and food, the boss is so friendly and funny. He use the tissue to fold a rabbit and rose to us, also he sing the 'Gwiyomi' to us. Haha~

Before we leave, they have show us how to do brown sugar candy, they ask us to pick the mold, every mold has its own meaning. (Star - Romantic, Car - Logic Thinking, Airplane - Active People). It's tasty, but so sweet.

It's fun to have dinner here, besides having meal, can enjoy the decoration and the show from the boss. These are some of the photo took at Sweetree. 

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