Monday, 5 May 2014

Labour Day @ Port Dickson

This year Labour Day falls on weekday, so didn't plan anything for the day, just sudden think to have picnic at Port Dickson. A picnic without food and drinks, but snacks. We went out from home at 1pm, maybe just because of public holiday, we stuck in traffic jam for 30 minutes, at around 3.30pm only we reached the place. 

We setup our base at the beach nearby Selesa Beach Resort, and Baby Moon have her very good milk time, facing wide blue sky and enjoy her milk. It's actually a good day for picnic, cloudy no rain, but it's hot. I'm rather to have hot weather than rainy day. Then we bought ice-cream to cool down, and this is how dirty was my Baby Moon after eating ice-cream.

At first, Baby Moon was afraid to walk around the beach, but slowly getting better, she even wants to play in the water. Of course we won't allowed her to play, the beach is so dirty, not suitable for swimming. 

We stayed for only 2 hours then heading back home, although just awhile, we are happy. We will have our next picnic very soon, we need to do a checklist for our picnic, and next round will be a super nice picnic. 

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