Saturday, 17 January 2015

New Year New Wishes 2015

Baby grow up healthy
Have our Home Sweet Home
Don't have to work
Get ONE more Baby (MAYBE)

Time flies, I've worked for 8 months, my wish doesn't come true where I need to work, and it's still far away to reach this. I gotta work more harder and harder to achieve this.

Baby Moon is getting bigger now, she is growing up healthy and happy, this is what a mommy wants. In January, she is officially 2 years old, really unbelievable. Spending quality time with her is the most happiest thing in my life, learning and exploring new thing together, teach her from babbling to talking 1-2 words, it's all fun and memorable.  

The most successful thing of the year was I'm able to let Baby Moon to stop using pacifier. I was shocked that she can just stop in 1 day time, where I just told her I have throw all her pacifiers, she did cried, but I insist not to give. Good job to you, Baby Moon! But sometime I do miss her in pacifier look. She is just so cute with all her pacifiers~

Last year is not able to get Baby Moon a sister or a brother, just because having some financial problem, so just wait until we are stable then only will plan for it again. I hope the gap between Baby Moon and the newborn is not too far, but it's not bad if the gap is far, because Moon can take care of her little baby sister or brother.

 2015 New Wishes:

Baby Moon Grow Up Healthy
Financial Stable
Better Working Environment
Move out to New Home

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