Sunday, 28 November 2010

ATV Adventure Park

Today, have a great experience of adventure game, Jungle Offroad Rides at ATV Adventure Park, located 4.8km from Zoo Negara Junction.. My friend get to know this from the newspaper article writing, writer highly recommend, so we planned to go for it.. A group of 6 are recommended, small group are easily handle by their guider and leader, and not get lost when inside the jungle..

There are 5 packages, price from RM50 - RM300.. As we are the first time, so we tried the Package B, which cost us RM100/pax.. 1 and half hour Offroad Rides to the waterfall.. Since today raining, floor are wet, it's so dangerous, but we pay full attention on the briefing and training, then be careful on each dangerous point.. Some places are really wet, felt that we are sliding, not riding.. I want to shout-out my nervous..

The pathway is quite narrow, so we are not allow to speed, and need to have good control of the bike.. After 1 hour, we reached the waterfall, most of us don't want to get wet, so we just enjoy beside.. After the checkpoint, it's time to go back, is late in the evening, it's dark, and quite hard to see the road in front, but it's challenging.. I like it!!

Get Ready!!

Phin Phin looks smart!!

Me with my blue bike!! Ready to ride-up!!

Me and Phin Phin

Lok Fun and Wei Sien

Vincent and Tammy

So excited, just pass through the first point

Me and Wei Sien at Waterfall

We have planned for the next, more challenging, more extreme.. Waiting for it!!

For more information about ATV Adventure Park, please click here!

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