Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Yeah! It's time for me and Phin Phin to plan a baby for our happy family after our wedding.. Before we decide to have a baby, we should understand all the necessary information, tasks and responsible of being pregnant.. Pregnant lady is not easy to be~

Firstly, I will think about our health condition, and before our wedding, we have done a full body check-up, results come out are perfectly good.. Just to make sure both of us are in good condition, and no hereditary sicks..

Secondly, is my body condition, common sense for all, backbone is important for a pregnant lady to support the baby, the whole weight when baby growing, as well as the pressure during pregnant.. This morning, I went for X-Ray and Chinese Physicians, just realized my backbone was in "S" shape.. Actually it's been long time of this backbone pain, just I didn't bother it much, but I can't sleep well last night just because of my this pain.. So decide to visit doctor for further treatment.. I just can't imagine if the pain happen during the my pregnant period.. If really, there is a risk of losing the baby, but I won't let this kind of thing happen, so the best ever choice, get treatment before pregnant, to avoid any chances of accident..

Dr. Li, the Chinese Physician specialist, has set me a 3 months treatments, as for twice a week, each treatment 30-40 minutes.. After my calculation for the 3 months treatment charges, it will be RM2k++, is it so expensive? But we got no choice, we have to use this money, and we will only plan to have a baby after my recovery..

Today was the first treatment, is super duper pain, repositioning my backbone.. Dr. Li mentioned, this is only the warm up session for the whole treatment.. It's really "Oh My God"!! What about the following treatment? But I need to be tough enough to finish all the treatment..

Lastly, to stop Phin Phin for smoking.. I know it's a mission impossible, but I will try my best!!~ And myself have to change my appetite to eat vegetable, it's a mission impossible for Phin Phin too!!~ Both of us have to "Add Oil" ~~

This is my Backbone X-Ray, can clearly view the crooked..


Chinese Medicine (1 day 2 bottles)


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow~ You both really semangat! Hope to have a lil junior in piggy gang soon :) "Jia-You"!

Michelle Y said...

All the best to you both! :)

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