Wednesday, 24 November 2010


OMG!! Which one should I choose?

Bangkok-Pattaya Trip or Jay Chou The Era World Tour 2011

I'm in dilemma now, both of these are fall on the same date.. My Bangkok trip was 4th - 8th March 2011, and Jay Chou's concert on the 4th & 5th March 2011.. Why so coincidence? I have missed his concert for this year, and thought to go for next year, but too bad, it crashed with my trip.. What should I do? Burn my trip and go for concert? or just follow what has planned earlier?

Bangkok-Pattaya trip has planned early this year, and it's purchased with 0 fare, so I won't add money to change its date.. Myself wish to go for shopping too.. :)

The Era World Tour was the 10th Anniversary concert for Jay Chou, I'm sure it will be nice.. Recall back the first concert I have been to, it's Jay Chou as well.. So really really wish that I can go.. Although the ticket is so damn expensive, but I want to go.. I'm not super fans, but I like him so much!!

I need to think of it, as the ticket open for sale on 27th November 2010.. Arhhh.. Which one? Trip or concert?

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Lesly said...

I know how to help you...
You continue the trip and buy the concert tickets as well...
I'll help you for the concert and video it to you... :P

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