Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wedding Tea Ceremony ~2nd October 2010~ (Part 2)


Phin Phin has get the key from the fake sexy lady, also passed through JiMui's test-gate, and he's on his way to reach my room.. Before that, he has to read and sign a "contract", but I don't think it's work after wedding.. Let hear what's Phin Phin read from the contract!! It's funny!!

After all the tea ceremony at Bride and Groom's side, Dai Kam Jie asked us to stand in front of the mirror, don't know what it means, but we just followed what she said.. Quite silly us!!

Haha!! And lastly is the time to throw the flower bouquet to the lucky JiMui or HengDai.. After 3-4 times, congrats to the lucky lady, is my best friend, Wei Sien.. Hope she can get married soon with her sweetheart, Lok Fun..

It's an unforgettable day for me and Phin Phin, all things was going smooth and well during the day.. Thanks for both sides parents, siblings, relatives and friends.. Your participation in our wedding is much appreciated.. We will kept this memories with us forever.. :)

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