Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wedding Tea Ceremony

Finally...... :)

Already a month I received all these lovely pictures from my appointed photographer, Lai and Joshua.. Thanks both of them for these nice and memorable pictures took during our wedding actual day.. I have pick some of the pictures getting uploaded here to share.. And here is it!!

Preparation @ 6am
Thanks June, My Makeup Artist

I need some rest!! Tired...

Flower Bouquet - Lily

Lily Brooch Flower

Phin Phin and Aunty

Phin Phin and HengDai

On The Way

Arrived the Destination.. It's My Nephew, Wai Loon

Phin Phin and HengDai Gang

My Sweet Sweet JiMuis Gang

"NOBODY" Paper Underwear

I Want Nobody Nobody, but you!!
from the Wonder "Boys"!!

Discussing... Whose (banana) the biggest among all?

Banana Eating - Alan so "Hou Kam"

Wasabi Toothpaste - Alan, the volunteer (Bravo)
Pagi-pagi, gosok gigi!!

Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy

Balloon Bursting

Our Special Guest from Japan- Xiao Xiang
HengDais are molesting her, pity my lovely Xiao Xiang

Shouting out the contract

The Love Contract

It's Me!! Damn Tired, but still can laugh so happy!!


So bad the Dai Kam Jie spoil my photo

My Family

"Chut Moon"

In The Car, on the way going back to groom side


Phin Phin's Family

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

My Best Friend Ever - Vincent and Tammy

It's time to throw to the flower bouquet


Whose the lucky one?

Grab it!!

Jump!! Jump!! Jump!!

Phin Phin de Best Friends

My Best Friends

Yew, the "Mui Yan" uncle

Up next will share some pictures for wedding reception. Stay tune!!

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