Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Baby Inflatable Swimming Pool

When Baby Moon in her two months old, my sister bought her a inflatable swimming pool (full set with neck float), as we knew this is good for baby. At first, I thought just to train her not scared of water, but initiately, this is to train arms and legs coordination. She loves her pool so much, but for us, the pool is wasting too much of water.

Babies won't scared of water as they live in mother womb for 9 months, as well as Baby Moon, she stayed in my womb for 41 weeks. She was so happy when she is in the water, kicking her leg and waving her hand. Heard that this should start early, where baby don't know afraid yet, once babies have sense of afraid, it's hard.

Myself don't know how to swim, so when Baby Moon is growing up, I'll send her to learn swimming. To know how to swim and to protect herself from drowning, also is good for health. Happy baby, happy swimming..

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